Days and Nights

When I was on the flight back from Egypt, a phenomenon that seemed quite unique to me (but is probably rather common) occurred. As we prepared to land at JFK airport in New York, puffy white clouds could be seen in a bright blue sky below. However, looking up, the sky was dusky-dark and the moon hung there like even it was a little confused. I’ve seen the moon during the day before, but this was just a little different.

It felt like it was both day and night, the perfect visual to accompany the end of a trip. While the trip was ending, something new was beginning. I had stories to tell and a mission to share: Egypt is a safe place to travel.

In about five months, I’ll be on a plane to Florence, getting ready to start my semester abroad. I’ll be saying a temporary goodbye, but heading off to five months of new adventures. I will have completed all my paperwork, gone through Susquehanna’s pre-GO class, and packed up my life in as few bags as possible.

I’m slowly starting to realize how quickly my time abroad is approaching. Friends discuss plans for spring break…and then I realize I won’t be in the county. Study abroad was always so far off in the distance, a plan that was truly only a dream.

I leave in approximately 150 days (and nights).

Five months.

Five months is not a very long time.

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