Visa: Approved

Never have I been more excited for a payment to process.

I never received a follow up from VFS Global after I sent them the appointment time/ date I was attempting to book. Over the weekend, I was pleased to discover that VFS was doing site maintenance. I thought this was going to be the key to finally being able to book the appointment. It was not. Hours after the site maintenance was complete, I made another fruitless attempt.

Finally, I called in the big guns–the big guns being my dad’s credit card that is known to work internationally. As I hit the “make payment” button, I could not bear to keep my eyes open. If the payment did not process, I wasn’t sure what my next line of defense was going to be. I was truly out of ideas. I squeezed my eyelids shut tighter and tighter until I recognized that plenty of time had passed…I needed to open my eyes.

At the bottom of the screen was the grayscale “redirecting” bar, something I was all too familiar with from my attempts over the past eight days. My eyes flitted upwards and I was filled with a sense of immediate relief in the form of a checkmark in a little circle with big green letters above reading “Transaction Approved.”

I don’t think I realized how much the inability to schedule an appointment was weighing me down until the weight was suddenly gone. I have an appointment for a visa. I am one step closer to going to Florence.

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