Flying Forward

I’ve always been the friend who gets overwhelmed by a school assignment and consequentially spends three hours de-stressing in the form of planning a complete trip to insert-place-her). I’ll even look up transportation, which usually means airfare. I’ve known most of my friends long enough that they aren’t too shocked when I send them a screenshot of a flight price and say something along the lines of “We’re going Peru.” The thing is, I have never actually booked one of those flights.

However, in precisely 133 days and seven hours, I will be on a flight to Rome.

I know this because I actually booked a flight.

I guess all the years of planning imaginary trips paid off. When I impulsively decided to check the prices while munching on Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar cheese, I found an incredible deal. I’m paying 34% of what my university estimates for the round-trip flight. However, there are some caveats. I’ll be flying into Europe through Rome rather than Florence…and, well, I won’t be leaving Europe from Florence either, but more on that another day.

At this point, I have two options for the second leg of the journey: Rome to Florence. I can try to find a low-cost flight, which is advised by a friend who studied abroad in Florence last spring. The program would then provide transportation from the airport to the school or my apartment or wherever it is you go when you arrive…note to self: figure that out.

My other option is to throw myself into the travel culture from the start. I would carry a handy guide, mentally or physically; Lauren survived the journey (Newark to the Florence University of the Arts via Rome) a year prior to when I would be making the ‘brave attempt.’ I’ve been warned that this requires a train and a taxi. Will I be ready for an adventure as soon as I arrive or will I be weary from a sleepless night in the air?

My heart tells me to take the train. My mind isn’t sure what to think.

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