My First Experience Flying Alone

Going to bed at 9:00pm is extremely difficult when you are accustomed to being awake much later than that.

I also have a tendency to eat a decently large snack around 10:00pm. I kept trying to fall asleep, but eventually gave way to the grumbles, made a frozen Trader Joe’s mac and cheese, turned my light back on, and contently ate my snack. 
I was not nearly as content when my alarm rang at 2:25am after less than four hours of sleep–a long nap, really. In most circumstances, I would not have been able to drag myself out of bed, but a small buzz of excitement bubbled underneath my level of sleep deprivation. Not only was I going to a new airport, but I was flying alone for the first time. Twenty-minutes later (and after a search for my missing car keys), I pulled out of my parking spot and embarked for the airport. I saw students wandering around campus, getting ready to end their day as I was beginning mine. 
Once I was off campus, the next hour and forty minutes was spent with truckers and the open road. I only saw two ‘civilian’ cars during the entire drive. I breezed through the airport, getting from my car to the gate in less than twenty minutes (including security). I spent my time sitting by the gate catching up on emails (sorry, everyone who got an email from me at 4:45am) and eating a crumbly banana nut muffin. 
Finally, I gate checked my bag and boarded what is possibly the smallest commercial plane in the world (three seats across). I couldn’t wait to get back to sleep…until the pilot announced the in-air time would be 18 minutes.

The sun rising, somewhere between AVP and PHL.
Instead of sleeping, I spent 18 minutes staring out the window in pure awe. As the plane flew at a lower altitude, we were able to watch the sunrise. New beginnings: my first time at the airport alone, my first flight alone, my first time spontaneously jetting off for the weekend.
I cannot wait to do it all again, even if it means being sleep deprived. 

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