It’s Official! Enrollment for Study Abroad

In 87 days, I depart to spend a semester abroad (and maybe the summer too…but that’s another, more tentative, story.)

On Tuesday, I received an email from my on-campus advisor in Florence labeled “IMPORTANT DOCUMENT.” Before I applied to study abroad, no one told me how much paperwork there would be: it’s quite excessive. I send and receive a lot of “important” study abroad documents. I figured that it was going to be another enrollment related document for my visa appointment, one more way to prove that I was actually going to be attending the Florence University of the Arts (FUA.)

I am currently working on three major group projects, a research paper, a fundraiser in progress, and a fundraiser being planned. I also have three exams in the next week. Anything could have set me over the edge, I was essentially just waiting for it to happen. Well, I opened the email during the fifteen minutes I had between class and work. I should have waited.

It could have been a lot worse, but in that moment I failed to recognize that I had gotten into 3/4 of my top choice classes. My narrow eyes only saw one thing: I was enrolled in both “Communicating in Italian” AND “Elementary Italian 101.” I had a hard time deciding what classes I wanted to take (see this post) and precious space was being occupied by a second Italian class. I’ve been told by others who have studied at FUA that the language classes are nearly identical.

I went into crisis mode and sent an email to Olivia as soon as I got back to my room. I pleaded to be taken out of one of the Italian classes and placed into one of my alternates if “Marketing Strategies for the Arts” was already full. I was late for work.

Less than twenty-four hours after the Italian crisis, I received a new schedule. The second Italian class was replaced with Public Relations Strategies, which I am genuinely excited to take. All is well in my world…it’s silly how something so small can throw off an entire day.


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