The Great Philadelphia Bakery Tour

In May, I received an invitation to an event welcoming the new University president and the event was being held at the Franklin Institute. I immediately declared that I would be in attendance, but it turned out that both of my parents were working. Since none of my friends from school planned on attending, I turned to my best pal, Maggie. Our dads were best friends when they were growing up and we have quite literally known each other our entire lives. We might not be related by blood, but we have truly grown up like sisters. Once plans to go to the evening event were in order, we decided that it was foolish not to spend the day in the city.
Maggie is one of my favorite people to travel with, partially because she indulges in the fact that I like to make meticulously organized guides (regardless of the trip length) and partially because we just travel well together. I think we were both shocked when in the days leading up to the trip, our shared Google Doc of ideas remained a sad, blank page.
Cue the night before the trip. Maggie and I do not sleep enough the night before a daytrip together. This is a guarantee. This is something we now expect. This is why we weren’t even a little surprised when we were laying on the floor, half-delusional, at 1:00am trying to make a plan for the day. Maggie suddenly declared with passion that she wanted to go to a good “city bakery.” Given that we essentially had no plans, anything was an option.
As we perused Yelp, one thing led to another. An enthusiastically written review for a Chinatown bakery gave us the idea to complete the Great Philadelphia Bakery Tour.
A few hours later, we started our day with grocery store muffins–high standards, right? Once we braved the Philly traffic, navigated through construction, and parked at the Franklin Institute, we walked over to Reading Terminal Market. The plan was to eat a light lunch and indulge in our first bakery stop: Termini Brothers. In the end, our lunch (tomato pie for me and a deluxe corndog for Maggie) ended up being too filling, we weren’t ready to eat again.

Pineapple bun! We couldn’t resist and had to sample before the photo.
Eventually, we ended up stopping at KC’s Pasteries for the renowned 99 cent pineapple bun. What a pleasantly wonderful treat! We decided to split the sweet bun to save room for the other stops on the self-made tour.

So many people were taking photos that it was easy to get someone to take a group shot for you! (Maggie on right)

After taking many pictures at Issiah Zagar’s Magic Gardens, we headed over to Federal Donuts. Luckily, we were able to score two donuts even though we made the stop later in the day–they often sell out. I decided at last minute to switch from strawberry-lavender to honey…later in the summer, I had a warm strawberry-lavender donut. It’s safe to say I regret the decision to get honey.
Our eyes were certainly bigger than our stomachs and that was the extent of the Great Philadelphia Bakery Tour, with the exception of mini-desserts at the event at the Franklin Institute event. While we only officially tried two bakeries, it gave us a great framework for the day…and inspiration to try again.

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