On the End of the Fall Semester

Preparing for a semester abroad isn’t easy. I discovered this pretty early into the process, after I discovered that I had to apply for my program through Susquehanna University before I could even apply to the actual program. The long and complicated process was one of the reasons I decided to launch Streets and Streams before I landed in Florence. Other than SU students who had gone through the exact program as me, not many people were able to provide guidance. I hoped to change that for other students. Ironically enough, the reason I started to blog early is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging.

In order to graduate on time, I had to meticulously plan my schedule for abroad, assuring that classes filled the requirements for my major and minors (you can read about that experience here.) I also decided to overload on classes this semester, just in case. On top of twenty credits (seven classes), two on-campus jobs, and two executive board positions for clubs, I rarely had time to do anything else. Add in making sure my visa was in order and countless other study abroad tasks and free time was essentially nonexistent. It disappeared more and more as the semester continued. I designed my Tuesday-Friday posting schedule so I would get in the habit of writing before I went abroad: it fell to the side anyway.

A quick trip to Chocolate World, tacked on to our Cracker Barrel adventure.

When I did find a few minutes of free time, I didn’t find myself reaching for my laptop to write a post.  I wanted to spend time with my friends and roommates, the people I wouldn’t be seeing while I was abroad. Not blogging for a few weeks meant that my roommates and I could constantly joke about how much we hate each other while spending way too long talking about family history, internship opportunities, and finding the exact location of M. Night Shyamalan’s house on Google maps.

This may mean that I missed out on posting a few weeks of paperwork and an adventure in Philly, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t write about those adventures eventually.

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