30 Thoughts I Had Before I Spent a Semester Abroad

I leave for my semester abroad in 35 days! I can’t wait to spend a semester in Florence, Italy and there are so many thoughts swirling around in my head. Here’s a little look at 30 thoughts I’ve had as I prepare to spend a semester abroad:

1. I’m actually doing this.
2. My walk from my apartment to Santa Croce Basilica is going to be shorter than my walk from my dorm to the library.
3. I should probably work on planning my spring break trip.
4. I’m going to go to Prague and Poland over spring break.
5. I’m going to go to Paris over spring break.
6. I’m going to go on a family history trip over spring break to all the towns that my family emigrated from.
7. Maybe not. Saulxures, France is the smallest town in the world.
8. “Rest in peace” says the translation of the bed and breakfast website…definitely not Saulxures.
9. Paris is expensive.
10. So many museums, so little time.
11. Am I actually going to live in a foreign country for four months?
12. Moving out during the middle of the year is weird. Everything is weird.
13. Note to self: get the list of Lauren’s favorite places.
14. The camera was a good investment. The camera was a good investment.
15. I won’t survive without peanut butter and notecards.
16. If I miss Egypt this much and was only there for 10 days, I bet coming home from Florence is going to be really sad.
17. Gelato. Pasta. Pizza.
18. How much money do I need a week for groceries?
19. I’m going to eat the same things all. the. time.
20. How soon can I start packing?
21. I wonder how many people will be living in our apartment.
22. If I work at Moe’s, I’ll have more money to spend abroad.
23. There is so much stuff I need to do.
24. I should really book that Paris airbnb. After all, “Julian’s place is usually booked.”
25. What do you do with your parents when they come visit you abroad?
26. Are you supposed to spend all your time with them unless you are in class?
27. I should really start practicing my Italian again.
28. It would have been so much more practical if I had taken Italian in college.
29. I’m not sure if 35 days or 840 hours sounds like the shorter amount of time.
30. I leave so soon.

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