The Most Important Travel Tip

I decided relatively last minute that I was going to go to San Marino: I had the day off of class and why wouldn’t I want to visit the beautiful tiny country? The views are phenomenal and it’s called the “Country in the Clouds” for a reason.

A few days later, I was visiting my Italian family for dinner and they asked if I was traveling at all over the weekend. I proudly told them I was headed to San Marino…but instead of sharing my excitement, they made me question my decision.

“Why would you go to San Marino? There’s nothing to do in San Marino.”

Veronica, my Italian mom, tried to quiet her husband and son, reassuring me that San Marino was beautiful. However, even she seemed relived to hear that I was going for the day and not the weekend.

As if I wasn’t questioning my decision enough, I checked the weather when I got home. San Marino was expecting rain and cold temperatures. By the day of my trip, it had turned into snow…and even colder temperatures.

One of the places in San Marino known for spectacular views…

I ended up only staying in San Marino for about two hours. Most of the main attractions (the towers and museums) were closed. Only one restaurant was open. It was too windy and snowy to even pretend I was enjoying myself. When I noticed the sidewalks getting slippery, I knew I needed to get down the mountain before I was stuck there all weekend.

The moral of the story? Checking the weather before you book a trip is essential. It’s also something I forget to do most of the time, especially with day trips. I’m all for sucking it up and enjoying your time anyway. Sometimes it’s difficult when you came for the views…and well, they simply don’t exist.

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