3 Unique Experiences in Paris

A visit to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the Louvre, pictures at the Eiffel Tower, and a walk along the Seine. What happens when you’ve seen the essentials or want to do something unique? Or worse, when the things you planned are doing were closed? We were facing a little bit of all those reasons, with the last weighing heavily; we were first time visitors during a national strike. Paris has more than enough to offer, no matter the reason you are looking for something a little different.

  1. Drink like it’s the Jazz Age at Harry’s New York Bar.
The facade of Harry's New York Bar, located near the Paris Opera House.
The facade of Harry’s New York Bar, located near the Paris Opera House.

Harry’s New York Bar, which opened in Paris in 1911, was a favorite watering hole for the Lost Generation. It’s easy to picture F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein sitting in the bar, which has kept it’s old time charm and college pennants. Gershwin played the piano at Harry’s–he’s said to have composed An American in Paris on it.

Drinks at Harry's New York Bar.
For 14 euro, you can bet I took the coaster.

Not a literature fan? The Bloody Mary, French 75, and the Side Car were allegedly created here.

Gershwin's piano (and live music) in the basement of Harry's Bar.
Gershwin’s piano (and live music) in the basement of Harry’s Bar.

Beware, the drinks are pretty pricy (14 euro and up). I like to think you’re paying for the atmosphere too, so make the price worth it and head over after 10:00pm. Go down to the basement (there’s a second bar down there) and listen to jazz played on the famed piano.

2.  Do the Time Warp at Studio Galande.

Studio Galande in the Latin Quarter has been showing cult film Rocky Horror since 1978, a thirty-nine year reign.

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" at Studio Galande.
Studio Galande has been playing “Rocky Horror” since 1978!

Granted, seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a weird enough experience as is, especially as a “virgin” to the show. Add complete unfamiliarity with the French language and we were clueless–but that didn’t stop us from having a great time! The movie screens in English with French subtitles, but most of the live jokes are made in French.

Ready for "Rocky Horror" with our props.
Our “Rocky Horror” intel told us we would need a deck of cards and toilet paper.

You can catch the show at 10:00pm every Friday and Saturday (and “some” Thursdays at 9:30pm). I’ve heard it’s best to get tickets early and I’m glad we did! The show we went (Thursday) sold out. If you go, make sure to take a full water bottle, a bag of rice, and latex gloves. You’ll understand when you get there.

3. See the rollerblade police at the Louvre.

2018-03-21 Paris_Louvre_Rollerblade Police_3
The rollerblade police take a rest against the fence.

You’ve seen police on foot, you’ve seen police in their cars. Perhaps you’ve even seen police on horseback…but have you seen rollerblade police?

Rollerblade police at the Louvre
The rollerblade police on patrol.

Stakeout at the Louvre (and stand on one of the concrete blocks to “hold” the pyramid)…if you’re lucky, the elusive rollerblade police will make an appearance.


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