My name is Julianna: not Julia, not Julie, and definitely not Jules. I recently graduated (from Susquehanna University with a communications major and a minor in museum studies) and moved to Philadelphia. During the spring of 2017, I studied abroad at the Florence University of the Arts.
Next trip? I’m heading to Turkey to ring in 2020!

I’ve traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Greece, Mexico, the Bahamas, France, Spain, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Egypt. When I turned sixteen, I bought a full set of polka dot hard-shell luggage with a life-time warranty. I had a feeling it would be seeing a lot of wear and tear over the years. Now I tend to travel with my beloved backpack more than anything else…we’ve been through a lot together in the past two years.

I’m the person that stops to pet nearly every dog they see. My favorite mode of transportation is Segway. After my last gym class my senior year of high school, I vowed I would never play volleyball again in my life—I still haven’t. I do not eat meat and do not have a middle name. I played French Horn for nine years and ran cross country for seven years. I will forever be haunted over not using America’s Best Restroom (winner of the 2011 Cintas Award) at the Field Museum in Chicago and for sharing the best pastry I have ever tasted in Vienna.

Want to collaborate? Me too!

I’m always looking for new opportunities to collaborate! If you’re interested in working together, or in me representing your brand, product, or location through Streets and Streams, let me know by email at streetsandstreams@gmail.com.

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