Where am I going?

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. August 2019. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Reflecting on my past, on my present, on my future. Reflecting on my travels, reflecting on being home. Reflecting on making a new home. Picture the conversation. I'm pretty sure most people have had it in one way or another: "Don't worry,... Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

Hi. I'm back. The past few years of my life, since I started this blog, have been a non-stop whirlwind. A good one. But occasionally, one that made taking the time to produce consistent content (that I'm proud to publish) difficult. I debate whether to make this disclaimer for my disappearance or to dive back... Continue Reading →

An Ancient Interest

I sat on my bed, slightly scared about the existence of bog mummies. I was in third grade and had been reading the Eyewitness "Mummy" book a little too late at night...again. At some point, my dad came into my room and we started talking about travel. He sat down next to me and promised... Continue Reading →

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