Leaving Home

As my semester in Florence comes to an end, I'm filled with emotions reminiscent of my high school graduation. Things that were once mundane and unexciting are now filled with nostalgia. I'm constantly met with "this might be the last time I..." The things I walk past everyday and have never done (like the Bargello... Continue Reading →

When Family Comes to Visit You Abroad

When my parents come to visit me at school, I never know quite what to do, other than dinner and maybe a little shopping. That being said, having visitors in Florence, Italy is significantly different than having visitors in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. After my dad's trip to Florence in February and my mom's trip in April,... Continue Reading →

How I Ended Up in Vermont for 40 Hours

When it comes to traveling, the "Whalen Way" can range from spending months meticulously planning the perfect trip to booking flights two hours after considering a destination. Recently, the latter has been more common. On September 26, a Tuesday, my dad and I finally aligned our chaotic schedules long enough that we were able talk... Continue Reading →

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