From Florence to Philly

  The out-of-sync blinking of SEPTA trains getting ready to leave their platforms, the waving of four large American flags outside of a train station that could be confused with a capital building, travelers lined up down the block waiting for their Mega and Bolt buses. This is now the life outside of my window.... Continue Reading →

From Newark, EWR

Feeling like a turtle with my Osprey backpack...After packing and repacking at least five times last night, it’s finally time. All the goodbyes have been said, all of the last minute shopping trips to pick up that ‘one last thing’ have been made. I am sitting in Newark airport, looking out at the Manhattan skyline. As... Continue Reading →

How I Ended Up in Vermont for 40 Hours

When it comes to traveling, the "Whalen Way" can range from spending months meticulously planning the perfect trip to booking flights two hours after considering a destination. Recently, the latter has been more common. On September 26, a Tuesday, my dad and I finally aligned our chaotic schedules long enough that we were able talk... Continue Reading →

My First Experience Flying Alone

Going to bed at 9:00pm is extremely difficult when you are accustomed to being awake much later than that.I also have a tendency to eat a decently large snack around 10:00pm. I kept trying to fall asleep, but eventually gave way to the grumbles, made a frozen Trader Joe's mac and cheese, turned my light back... Continue Reading →

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