Actually Studying while Abroad

On the first day of orientation, a woman (whose name escapes me because the day was a blur of jet lag and exposure to a new culture) stood in front of the new students at Florence University of the Arts. She explained, rather dramatically and over-exaggerated, that studying abroad was two parts: study and abroad.I... Continue Reading →

Carnevale in Venice

A gondolier holding a panino, someone dressed in Carnevale costume, laundry hanging from the window, and the canal. Could a more Venetian scene exist?When I managed to find reasonably priced bus tickets to Carnevale, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity of seeing the Venetian tradition in person...even if it did mean waking up... Continue Reading →

Tasty Tuscany: A Four Course Meal

Explaining my study abroad situation can be a bit difficult; I'm studying abroad in Florence at Florence University of the Arts through my home university with Global Semesters. Whew. What a mouthful! Speaking of mouthfuls, our program coordinator (Olivia) from Global Semesters took our group out for a traditional four-course Tuscan meal this week.There are... Continue Reading →

Florence: Orientation

Official orientation has wrapped up and I'm truly started to get settled in Florence. Here's an overview of the past few days:When I arrived in Rome, I felt overwhelmed and out of context; when I arrived in Florence, I was excited and everything felt "right." I arrived in Florence's Santa Maria Novella by high-speed train... Continue Reading →

Falling for Florence

In high school, I spent approximately thirty-six hours in Florence as part of a ten-day tour. The first few days of the trip were spent in Greece, surrounded by ancient temples and groves of olive trees. A cloud of cigarette smoke and nearly everyone getting sea-sick separates those days from our time in Italy.The Duomo,... Continue Reading →

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