1:1000, Bohemian Ideals

Freedom. Truth. Beauty. Love. I rounded out August and started September right by spending the holiday weekend in New York, the big apple, one of my favorite cities in the whole world. This specific trip started with a $1 bus ticket and banter about my next trip to New York with Tori (a friend that... Continue Reading →

Take a Stance: Budget Friendly NYC

New York, New York...though I've never lived in the city, going for a visit always feels like going home. The bustling energy, the stench of the warm air puffing out of the subway vents. If it weren't for the irrational way I flinch whenever a pigeon is flying even remotely close to me, I would... Continue Reading →

Central Park: A Love/ Hate Relationship

Years ago, my mom and I decided to rent bicycles (I hate biking) and ride around Central Park. For whatever reason, this seemed like a great idea even though the temperatures were creeping into the upper 90's. We got lost and pushed the bikes down 5th Avenue...certainly not our finest moment.Central park below and the... Continue Reading →

I Survived: First Megabus and Hostel

When I began planning for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) conference in Boston, it quickly became obvious that cost was going to be an issue. Airfare could not be considered: it was way out of budget. My second go-to was Amtrak. I got pretty comfortable and familiar with Amtrak after riding it... Continue Reading →

National Parks of NYC

I have two passports. One is a standard, U.S. passport. The other is a passport to America's National Parks. I am incredibly nerdy and have been toting the second around on vacations and day trips since 2008. The vast majority of National Parks have a little cancellation stamp that you can press into your passport... Continue Reading →

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