Where am I going?

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. August 2019. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Reflecting on my past, on my present, on my future. Reflecting on my travels, reflecting on being home. Reflecting on making a new home. Picture the conversation. I'm pretty sure most people have had it in one way or another: "Don't worry,... Continue Reading →

1:1000, Snowy San Marino

San Marino, the country in the clouds. The micro nation is world renowned for one thing and one thing only: beautiful views.  That view should be behind me. As I scrolled through lists of places to visit in Italy, attempting to find a day trip for my dad and I to go on when he... Continue Reading →

Stay and See: Barcelona

Barcelona quickly stole our hearts. We only planned for two full days in the city before moving on to Paris. While it was "enough" to see the major sites, I recommend staying at least three days. Allow yourself to be immersed by the laid back attitude instead of running off from destination to destination like... Continue Reading →

Sì, Sí, Oui.

Within the past four days, I have been in three different countries: Italy, Spain, and France. Prior to studying abroad in Italy, I had very minimal Italian skills. I tried to use Duolingo, but wasn't diligent. Had I been consistent, it would have taught me so much. That being said, I've been trying to speak... Continue Reading →

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