The Best Places to Visit in Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem's Moravian Book Shop, the oldest bookstore in America.Bethlehem, PA might not be where Jesus was born, but that hasn't stopped the city from embracing their name--and the Christmas spirit. Bethlehem is a nice half-day trip from my town, an excursion that requires less planning ahead than a trip to Philadelphia or New York. Watching... Continue Reading →

I Survived: First Megabus and Hostel

When I began planning for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) conference in Boston, it quickly became obvious that cost was going to be an issue. Airfare could not be considered: it was way out of budget. My second go-to was Amtrak. I got pretty comfortable and familiar with Amtrak after riding it... Continue Reading →

Autumn Arrives

I love when it is 90 degrees at the end of September and I get to cling onto wearing shorts...or not. While some people are happy to keep the warm weather around as long as possible, the weather the past few weeks has been immensely disappointing to me. But then a miracle happened. From Wednesday into... Continue Reading →

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