From Florence to Philly

  The out-of-sync blinking of SEPTA trains getting ready to leave their platforms, the waving of four large American flags outside of a train station that could be confused with a capital building, travelers lined up down the block waiting for their Mega and Bolt buses. This is now the life outside of my window.... Continue Reading →

The Great Philadelphia Bakery Tour

In May, I received an invitation to an event welcoming the new University president and the event was being held at the Franklin Institute. I immediately declared that I would be in attendance, but it turned out that both of my parents were working. Since none of my friends from school planned on attending, I... Continue Reading →

I Survived: First Megabus and Hostel

When I began planning for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) conference in Boston, it quickly became obvious that cost was going to be an issue. Airfare could not be considered: it was way out of budget. My second go-to was Amtrak. I got pretty comfortable and familiar with Amtrak after riding it... Continue Reading →

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