Midterm: Reflections on Study Abroad

There's no doubt: this week was the most stressed I've been since I was getting ready to leave for Florence. Again, my travel backpack (an Osprey Farpoint 40 that I absolutely love) slowly made it's way from under my bed to the corner of the room to sitting on my bed, waiting to be meticulously... Continue Reading →

From Newark, EWR

Feeling like a turtle with my Osprey backpack...After packing and repacking at least five times last night, it’s finally time. All the goodbyes have been said, all of the last minute shopping trips to pick up that ‘one last thing’ have been made. I am sitting in Newark airport, looking out at the Manhattan skyline. As... Continue Reading →

On the End of the Fall Semester

Preparing for a semester abroad isn't easy. I discovered this pretty early into the process, after I discovered that I had to apply for my program through Susquehanna University before I could even apply to the actual program. The long and complicated process was one of the reasons I decided to launch Streets and Streams... Continue Reading →

Picking Classes

It's safe to say that making decisions is not one of my strong suits. Over the summer, in the midst of an emotional crisis induced by hunger and a bad driving experience, my friend Kendra asked me how many pierogis I wanted for lunch. Between sobs, I managed to tell her that I didn't know... Continue Reading →

Flying Forward

I've always been the friend who gets overwhelmed by a school assignment and consequentially spends three hours de-stressing in the form of planning a complete trip to insert-place-her). I'll even look up transportation, which usually means airfare. I've known most of my friends long enough that they aren't too shocked when I send them a... Continue Reading →

Visa: Approved

Never have I been more excited for a payment to process.I never received a follow up from VFS Global after I sent them the appointment time/ date I was attempting to book. Over the weekend, I was pleased to discover that VFS was doing site maintenance. I thought this was going to be the key... Continue Reading →

Visa: Declined

Visas...who knew they could be so complicated?In order to spend a semester abroad in Italy, I need to obtain a study visa from the Italian Consulate. I thought that the application process would be easy, but lengthy. I was wrong. It's not easy. In June, I made my first attempts to schedule my visa appointment.... Continue Reading →

Picking a Study Abroad Program

When it came to selecting a study abroad program, I had a little bit of a commitment issue...at first.  Knowing that I wanted to study abroad actually played a really big role in deciding where I wanted to go to school. I fell in love with Goucher College, partially because of their dedication to global... Continue Reading →

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