Building Interest: Florence’s National Archaeological Museum

In Florence, reminders of the Renaissance are everywhere, from art to architecture. The National Archaeological Museum offers visitors a break with Etruscan, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian archeological artifacts.Artifacts on display at the National Archaeological Museum.Despite the fact that the museum offers artifacts and insight into time periods unrepresented in Florence’s other museums, the National Archaeological... Continue Reading →

Carnevale in Venice

A gondolier holding a panino, someone dressed in Carnevale costume, laundry hanging from the window, and the canal. Could a more Venetian scene exist?When I managed to find reasonably priced bus tickets to Carnevale, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity of seeing the Venetian tradition in person...even if it did mean waking up... Continue Reading →

Take a Stance: Budget Friendly NYC

New York, New York...though I've never lived in the city, going for a visit always feels like going home. The bustling energy, the stench of the warm air puffing out of the subway vents. If it weren't for the irrational way I flinch whenever a pigeon is flying even remotely close to me, I would... Continue Reading →

I Survived: First Megabus and Hostel

When I began planning for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) conference in Boston, it quickly became obvious that cost was going to be an issue. Airfare could not be considered: it was way out of budget. My second go-to was Amtrak. I got pretty comfortable and familiar with Amtrak after riding it... Continue Reading →

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Conferences

A few weeks have passed since I returned from Boston, where I attended the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) National Conference. Over the course of four days, I learned a lot...and not just about public relations and communications.1. Conferences are expensive.PRSSA General Assembly, Park Plaza Hotel BallroomI technically knew this going into the... Continue Reading →

Flying Forward

I've always been the friend who gets overwhelmed by a school assignment and consequentially spends three hours de-stressing in the form of planning a complete trip to insert-place-her). I'll even look up transportation, which usually means airfare. I've known most of my friends long enough that they aren't too shocked when I send them a... Continue Reading →

To Market: Shopping in Egypt

When it comes to finding someplace to shop in Egypt, it isn't a hassle--you can find vendors nearly everywhere. However, hassling over the prices is essential. Luckily, a little bird told our tour group what reasonable prices are for the most popular purchases.It should be noted that...Khan El Khalili Market in CairoWhen it comes to... Continue Reading →

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