From Florence to Philly

  The out-of-sync blinking of SEPTA trains getting ready to leave their platforms, the waving of four large American flags outside of a train station that could be confused with a capital building, travelers lined up down the block waiting for their Mega and Bolt buses. This is now the life outside of my window.... Continue Reading →

Leaving Home

As my semester in Florence comes to an end, I'm filled with emotions reminiscent of my high school graduation. Things that were once mundane and unexciting are now filled with nostalgia. I'm constantly met with "this might be the last time I..." The things I walk past everyday and have never done (like the Bargello... Continue Reading →

Midterm: Reflections on Study Abroad

There's no doubt: this week was the most stressed I've been since I was getting ready to leave for Florence. Again, my travel backpack (an Osprey Farpoint 40 that I absolutely love) slowly made it's way from under my bed to the corner of the room to sitting on my bed, waiting to be meticulously... Continue Reading →

2017, The Year of Opportunity

In the last hours of 2016, my closest friends and I gathered on the kitchen floor. This was nothing unusual for us: we always tend to gravitate towards the kitchen floor. However, New Year’s Eve has always been more ritualized than our typical gatherings. With a few hours left in the year, plenty of Martinelli’s... Continue Reading →

Falling for Florence

In high school, I spent approximately thirty-six hours in Florence as part of a ten-day tour. The first few days of the trip were spent in Greece, surrounded by ancient temples and groves of olive trees. A cloud of cigarette smoke and nearly everyone getting sea-sick separates those days from our time in Italy.The Duomo,... Continue Reading →

Reflections: A Friend’s Suicide

National suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Crisis text line (for any emotional crisis): 741741 There is always someone that you can talk to—you are never truly alone. The 2015 Goucher cross country team; Collin far left (holding John) Since I started college three years ago, I have helped someone cope with the suicide of a family... Continue Reading →

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