Carnevale in Venice

A gondolier holding a panino, someone dressed in Carnevale costume, laundry hanging from the window, and the canal. Could a more Venetian scene exist?When I managed to find reasonably priced bus tickets to Carnevale, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity of seeing the Venetian tradition in person...even if it did mean waking up... Continue Reading →

Tasty Tuscany: A Four Course Meal

Explaining my study abroad situation can be a bit difficult; I'm studying abroad in Florence at Florence University of the Arts through my home university with Global Semesters. Whew. What a mouthful! Speaking of mouthfuls, our program coordinator (Olivia) from Global Semesters took our group out for a traditional four-course Tuscan meal this week.There are... Continue Reading →

Florence: Orientation

Official orientation has wrapped up and I'm truly started to get settled in Florence. Here's an overview of the past few days:When I arrived in Rome, I felt overwhelmed and out of context; when I arrived in Florence, I was excited and everything felt "right." I arrived in Florence's Santa Maria Novella by high-speed train... Continue Reading →

From Newark, EWR

Feeling like a turtle with my Osprey backpack...After packing and repacking at least five times last night, it’s finally time. All the goodbyes have been said, all of the last minute shopping trips to pick up that ‘one last thing’ have been made. I am sitting in Newark airport, looking out at the Manhattan skyline. As... Continue Reading →

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