Stay and See: Barcelona

Barcelona quickly stole our hearts. We only planned for two full days in the city before moving on to Paris. While it was "enough" to see the major sites, I recommend staying at least three days. Allow yourself to be immersed by the laid back attitude instead of running off from destination to destination like... Continue Reading →

3 Unique Experiences in Paris

A visit to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the Louvre, pictures at the Eiffel Tower, and a walk along the Seine. What happens when you've seen the essentials or want to do something unique? Or worse, when the things you planned are doing were closed? We were facing a little bit of all... Continue Reading →

Sì, Sí, Oui.

Within the past four days, I have been in three different countries: Italy, Spain, and France. Prior to studying abroad in Italy, I had very minimal Italian skills. I tried to use Duolingo, but wasn't diligent. Had I been consistent, it would have taught me so much. That being said, I've been trying to speak... Continue Reading →

Midterm: Reflections on Study Abroad

There's no doubt: this week was the most stressed I've been since I was getting ready to leave for Florence. Again, my travel backpack (an Osprey Farpoint 40 that I absolutely love) slowly made it's way from under my bed to the corner of the room to sitting on my bed, waiting to be meticulously... Continue Reading →

Building Interest: Florence’s National Archaeological Museum

In Florence, reminders of the Renaissance are everywhere, from art to architecture. The National Archaeological Museum offers visitors a break with Etruscan, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian archeological artifacts.Artifacts on display at the National Archaeological Museum.Despite the fact that the museum offers artifacts and insight into time periods unrepresented in Florence’s other museums, the National Archaeological... Continue Reading →

Actually Studying while Abroad

On the first day of orientation, a woman (whose name escapes me because the day was a blur of jet lag and exposure to a new culture) stood in front of the new students at Florence University of the Arts. She explained, rather dramatically and over-exaggerated, that studying abroad was two parts: study and abroad.I... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Travel Tip

I decided relatively last minute that I was going to go to San Marino: I had the day off of class and why wouldn't I want to visit the beautiful tiny country? The views are phenomenal and it's called the "Country in the Clouds" for a reason.A few days later, I was visiting my Italian... Continue Reading →

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